My name is Michelle Mussman and I am proud to serve as State Representative for the 56th District. Like most people, I am frustrated with the historically poor management and corruption that has plagued Illinois government for far too long. The General Assembly needs to help our state regain financial security and move past its negative reputation. I believe average citizens should step up and serve their community, and that’s why I ran for State Representative.

I'm on a Mission
to Improve State Government!

I want to make government more efficient and transparent for all of us and help my community members better understand the complex issues and options facing Illinois right now. As State Representative, I use my real life experiences as a community volunteer and managing the family budget to tackle the state’s problems. I also want to make sure that my office works for residents, and is available to quickly respond to questions, concerns, or issues regarding the state and local government.

I encourage you to explore my position on some of the most important issues in Illinois, and I hope you will reach out to me to discuss your thoughts. While we might not agree on every issue, I promise I will do my best to represent you and address your concerns. You should feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with those who represent you, whether through email, on the phone, or at your door. Together we can find a way to work through the partisan bickering in Springfield and find compromises that will move the state forward.

I hope you will join me on this incredible journey and stay engaged in the ongoing work of making our state a place we are proud to call home.

Please contact me at (847) 979-5699 or You can also connect with me on Facebook.


Committed to creating jobs
and putting people
back to work.


About slowing the growth
of property taxes
and raising senior exemptions.


Reforming the budget process.
Reducing Legislative pay.
Strengthening schools.